Equity Web Site

The web site for EQUITY is currently under development. It will complement the Facebook platform and provide a portal to the Mosaic, the centerpiece of EQUITY. Preview here

Equity Facebook Page

The EQUITY Organizing Committee chose Facebook as the platform to debut the EQUITY Project. I built the page to share information about the project and to test the concept of EQUITY with friends and family. I added many video interviews from the January 2017 Women's March in Washington, DC. Moving forward, it will be one of the primary advertising channels. Posts are updated regularly, and EQUITY's events will be also posted there.

Equity Project For All - promoting gender, racial, and religous equityEquity on FacebookEquity on Facebook

About the Equity Project for All

EQUITY is a disruptive platform created to promote gender, racial, and religous equity. EQUITY is currently partnered with the UN and Global Citizen. EQUITY sponsored events will use an emotive storyline across VR, AR, visual arts, poetry, music, comedy, and dance.

The initial focus will be Gender Equity in line with the UN Gloabal Goal #5. The centerpiece will be the Digital Accountability Mosaic Network, known as DAMN, aka the Mosaic. DAMN will be an interactive world map that visually tracks activitites related to the EQUITY mission.

I joined the EQUITY Organizing Committee as Project Manager, coordinating meetings and activities. I worked on the Facebook page and am collecting requirements for the web site and DAMN. I am also building the web site and expanding the social media footprint.